Top 5 Sports That Ensure A Long & Healthy Life

Guest Post by Amanda Wilks 

Practicing Healthy Life

No, you can’t have healthy life if you can’t resist the tempting call of your couch, and spend all your free moments with binge watching sitcoms and gorging on fried foods!

But, if this lifestyle appeals to you and you’re OK with it, than, you may consider yourself as an average human being.

The question is: Do you really want to be an average person?

Hopefully, your average human being might want to balance out all that lounging around with healthy sporting activities, to help ensure that couch can be enjoyed for many years to come – and not now.

Taking up canoeing or mountain biking, could be just the right cure to one too many bags of potato chips through a busy week, you know?

So, while not every sport may be feasible within your area, chances are you’ve got access to enough land, water or rec rooms in some capacity, to find a good excuse to get in a few quick games before it’s too late.


While popular in a great many countries, squash hasn’t quite reached a level of prominence in places like the United States, or achieved the same clout that it is regarded with in the United Kingdom, which is an absolute shame: Squash is one of the healthiest sports in the world at the moment.

It combines a constant cardio workout with lunging and stretching motions that improve flexibility in the core, arms and legs, boasts a fairly low chance of injury and also has very little downtime, which keeps it a demanding sport no matter your level of athleticism.

It’s also blissfully easy to get into, considering its core components consist of a room, a ball, two rackets and two players.

You don’t need to try and stuff an entire gym into a workout center, when a few squash courts can serve similar health-boosting purposes.

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2.Mountain Biking

For those with a love for the outdoors, it’s hard to top cresting a hill atop a bike, to soak in the view and get in a solid workout in the process.

Much like squash, biking requires fairly constant motion, yet, avoids the drawbacks of running or jogging by keeping stress off of the joints, that might otherwise be jarred by an hour of heavy footfalls.

As such, it’s a much lower impact sport that attracts a large group of athletes which also makes it a wonderful group activity to get involved in.

There’s no motivation to exercise quite like going out with friends.

Costs may seem outrageous for an outsider, but this is not always the case. According to MountainBikeReviewed, high-quality mountain bikes under 500 dollars are easily accessible and offer everything a budding cycling enthusiast could want.

Add in safety gear, and you’ve got a full kit for years of enjoyment ready to go.

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The competitive possibilities of swimming aren’t to be denied, swimming with a more casual approach makes it one of the most accessible sports that currently exists offering its benefits to have healthy life.

Its true benefits lie in how easily approachable it is for those with injuries or those getting on in years, yet, it still offers a full-body workout that improves circulation, and can absolutely melt away calories given the right exercise regimen.

Even expectant mothers can safely swim in the early stages of pregnancy, and potentially reduce the chance of birth defects, or complications during childbirth.

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4.Rock Climbing

On the more extreme end, rock climbing is an unusual suggestion that boasts some of the most grueling exercise for building muscle , instead of focusing solely on cardio as many sports do.

It’s the kind of sport that demands flexibility, attention to detail and a solid body to navigate potentially treacherous terrain, but there’s also no shame in sticking to climbing walls to reap the same benefits without the danger of scaling sheer rock walls.

It may even help train a sense of determination and focus as you fixate on working from handhold to handhold, with nothing but your eyesight and problem-solving skills helping you to plot a course up unsteady terrain.

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If you’re hoping to find a sport that has strong team bonds while still challenging you physically, look no further than basketball.

On top of training motor skills and balance, it offers a full-body exercise that takes you up and down a court at a constant pace, which can go a long way in improving cardiovascular function, and teaching methods for conserving and spending energy wisely throughout extended periods of exertion.

Much like rock climbing, it also requires a quick mind and bolsters problem-solving as the state of the court constantly shifts throughout a game.

Being able to think on your toes may be just as important as being fit, and you’ll have plenty of chances to improve as you play.

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Whether you feel at home on a mountain biking excursion, or gliding through the water without a care in the world, taking up a sport to extend your life and burn calories, is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself if you want to have a healthy life.

There’s a world of engaging activities waiting to help you sharpen your body and mind together, while enjoying your time with friends and family alike.

Always choose a healthy life!


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Authors Bio

Amanda Wilks is a passionate writer, veteran MTB rider and sports advocate. She is fascinated with everything related to health and sports and she enjoys writing on these topics as often as possible. Learn more about Amanda on Twitter.





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