5 Reasons Why Look Back Can Be A Good Thing

Reasons For Looking Back…

Many people will tell you dozens of reasons why not to look back ever, but here we will give you 5 reasons why looking back can sometimes be a good thing to do.

There are times when past hurts so badly that we never want to think of it ever again. People usually avoid talking or admitting their past mistakes. But the truth is: there is much to learn from them.

1.Mistakes Serves As Reminder

Yes they do. They are first of the reasons that remind us of all actions taken and lessons learned. Reflection is a good thing to do so you can make comparisons on  how far you’ve come in life.

Seeing that you’ve made such progress, gives that inner boost we all seek. Remembering can be “kick but” motivation for future planned steps.

Yes, it is long road ahead and while looking back on your progress, it can be really of great help.

2.You’ve Evolved To An Open Mind Concept

When you evolve to an open mind concept – your views have already changed. You have developed empathy along the way, which you must admit didn’t have by default. You have become less judgemental and you accept people for who they are and what they represent.

Recalling your memories of being close minded and hard at heart will surprise you since you have grown out of it today.

Thanks to occasional reflections, you can make comparisons to see how well your inner growth turned out to be.

3.Recalling Memories Of Love

Trying to look back on positive memories is kind of tough thing to do and it needs a bit of a mind training. Each one of us has many good and bad memories, and sometimes their “+” or “-” depends on our present mind-set. It is really important to focus on the good stuff if we want to gain those warm and comfy feelings we seek while we reflect.

But, if your present condition can be defined as depressing, avoid reflection on bad memories that you probably carry within. In time of sadness or mourning for a close person, try to find and remember the happy times you’ve had. Allow that warm hearty feeling to fill you up again.

Each one of us has a unique life experience and we should focus and aim only for the best. Of course, along the way things out of our control will happen, but they are just few more obstacles on our way to magnificent glory.

4.Discover What Is Your Mission

We all have our own purpose in life and it is left on us to seek and find it. Some seek their entire lives without finding it, and some are born with the knowledge of it.Those are the most blessed ones. Don’t take me wrong, but the others will have a long and bumpy road ahead in their journey of knowing who they are, what they want and which is their prime purpose of existence.

Reflections might be great help during this lonesome road of self-knowing/awareness process. Each path is unique one and we go and harvest all the knowledge along the way with or without help.

5. Positive And Negative Life Cycle

Life cycles always change. It is the way nature makes their children grow in every possible way. Sometimes you’ll be high above, and sometimes down below. How long you will endure in both depends on many factors.

Your knowledge, love,empathy, strong will, determination, deep thinking and many other virtues will help you entering or out-coming these processes.

When you reflect on your past try to find out which negative cycles you’ve had and determine why did they occurred in first place. Have you learned your lessons or they are repeating over an over again?

If this is the case, you must find the root of your problems and dig deeper in the process of reflection. Seek and find which actions needs to be done to overcome any negative side effects and to move forward stronger than ever before. By doing so, you will evolve even more and in fact this is a secret of many successful people today.

And of course, if you have any other reasons why looking back can move us forward – feel free tho share them with us.




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