How Clean Are Hotel Beds And What Not To Do

While Travelling

Travelers from around the world face many issues on their journey, and the most common ones they face are dirty hotel rooms and dirty hotel beds.

We have all heard all kinds of stories: from the bed bugs in hotel room, to dirty sheets and filthy washrooms.

At some point while traveling, we have all experienced once or twice such situations when staying in a hotel room.

How to really know if sheets were washed, the water glasses were cleaned, or the coffee maker is safe to use and is 100 % germ free?

Is it always necessary to pack your own sheets, pillowcases and UV light to check for stains, or how far should person go, to ensure that the hotel room they are staying is 100 % clean?

Well, before you take off your shoes and jump into hotel beds, there are few things you can do, to make sure your hotel room is ACTUALLY clean.

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Do Some Research

If you are trying to book a hotel by yourself, you should always do a little research.

Do some internet search of the property you would like to stay, and read few traveler reviews where previous guests have posted about the clean mode of the hotel.

In meantime, you can also search the hotel bed bug registry and check if the hotel you want to stay is clean from those.

You can always search most trusted traveling sites if you want to be at least 90% sure.

Today, almost in every country exists regulations for hotel business, and most hotels are inspected annually for cleanliness. 

As hotels are depending on a great reputation for business, having 4 or 5 star rating should ensure they are up to the ranking given.

If you want to rent apartments, these properties are less likely to be federally inspected and heading to Internet is usually your best choice to see what others have to say in their reviews.

As Internet is full of information, you can easily stuck yourself reading too many reviews, not knowing whether you will make your best choice.

Still, don’t always fully rely on reviews and be sure to throw some anti-bacterial wipes in your luggage – just in case.

First Impression

The first impression always counts and it is very important before you take a room, to have a quick look around the hotel, and check it for cleanliness (grounds, lobby and elevators)

If things are dusted, polished and clean – it is a good indication that the hotel cares about its cleanliness and good reputation.

Once you enter your room, in just five minutes you can visually check out the room.

Key areas to look at are the hotel beds where bedbugs live and can be recognized as tiny brown bugs that often run when disturbed, and hopefully – your bed is free from bed bug infestation.

Make sure to check the sheets, mattress and headboard for these nasty creatures that won’t leave you sleep.

You can always ask (as a customer) for the housekeeping to change the bedspread and pillowcases in front of you if you notice certain issues, or ask to change the room.

The bathroom should be the second place to be checked.

If it is not in good condition you can always ask for another room. If there is any sign of mildew around the bathtub or shower, you wouldn’t like to walk barefoot there. 

You should also check for dirty fingerprints on light switches and handles, which is often indicator if they were wiped off good enough.

…And not to mention hair that is caught in the drains…

Forget The Glassware

Yes, forget about it.

Usually, glasses are rinsed before getting wiped down with a semi-clean towel before being put back onto the table for you to use.

If there are individual wrapped plastic glasses – you can use them,or, at least wash them thoroughly before using them.

hotel beds

Other stuff…not only hotel beds…

Unfortunately this happens quite often.

  • Bedspreads do not typically get changed between guests and can be a playground for germs
  • Extra pillows: they are usually put in closets with no evidence that have been cleaned lately
  • TV remotes: by far the dirtiest ones in hotel rooms
  • Ice basket and coffee maker : you are never sure when they were last cleaned, so don’t take a risk
  • Never place your toothbrush on the bathroom counter as housekeepers often use the same towel to wipe down multiple surfaces (floors and outer surface of toilets).
  • Do yourself a favor and keep off anything that goes into your mouth or onto your face. Wash your hands as frequently as possible so your good hygiene habits will protect you from any germs that may be present.
  • If you see any visible stains on your sheets, ask for new ones
  • If you are traveling with kids – check under bed to make sure there’s nothing harmful around. Drawers too.

You Can’t Be 100 % Safe

We live in a world of germs and there is no way to avoid them, whether you travel or not. No one will polish hotel beds so you can feel safer. 

And thank God there are hotel standards that require their application, but, there are always loops to go through.


  • Be aware of what you touch and know that germs lurk in every hidden corner forgotten to be cleaned
  • Be smart enough to follow the above steps to ensure you will have comfortable staying in your hotel
  • If needed, ask for a different room, an extra wipe of the bathroom, or a change of sheets
  • Write reviews from hotels you are staying and help other travelers to choose well

And also remember when bad hotel experiences happen, don’t sit in misery. Ask for what you want and you’ve paid for.

After all, you’re the guest and you need to have the best!

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