10 Ways How Laughing Improves Your Health

Can You Imagine Life Without Laughing

What is better than laughing from the bottom of your heart? It gives you such a great and joyful feeling and not to mention positive vibes spreading around.

What would life be without laughter?

A boring one, full of grumpy and depressed people. It has been proven that laughter can cure your state of mind and shift you towards more positive outlook of things.

You know, laughter can be a strong medicine. It can bring people closer and initiate many physical and emotional changes.

How and what does it do?

Physical Benefits

  • Lowers stress hormone
  • Boosts immune system
  • Protects your heart
  • Relaxes you

Mental Benefits

  • Lowers stress and anxiety
  • Improves mood
  • Releases from tension
  • Adds more joy in life
  • Recharges your “batteries”
  • Shifts to better perspective of viewing things

Social Benefits

  • Brings people closer
  • Strengthens any sort of relationship
  • Promotes better teamwork and bonding

What else?

1.It Is Amazing Stress Reliever

Of course. It releases you from stress and bad energy built up.

Weight gain, high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels and not to mention insomnia or irritability – are just few of many side effects stress can cause.

Have you ever noticed when laughing, you forget about everything that is bothering you at the time, even for a couple of minutes?

It is a body’s natural defense system and thank God it works naturally, otherwise – we are all in big trouble.


2. It Gives You A Flat Tummy

Have you ever laughed your a.. off and felt how your abs are getting tighter and even sore?

Well, THAT is quality laughter done. It creates a pressure on your abdominal muscles making them to contract and burn some calories.

This doesn’t mean you should become a couch parasite and watch comedies all day long as an excuse not to workout!

3.Level Up The Quality Of Your Relationship

When you are in a relationship, it is always good to have laughter incorporated.

It stimulates your brain creating more of  your happy hormones to jiggle. Sharing a mutual sense of humor always strengthen the connection between people.

Would you rather be with someone who is grumpy all the time or who tells jokes like crazy?

I know which one I’ll choose!


4.Makes Your Heart Healthier

While laughing, your heart muscles are getting massaged which automatically reduces your blood pressure.

In time, while practicing laughter more often, you’ll get your heart exercised and your overall cardiovascular health will improve more.

A good laughter can sometimes switch light gym workout, so there you go-create opportunities to laugh even more.

5.You’ll Breathe Better

Laughter makes you inhale and exhale much deeper and if you are an asthma sufferer, laughing in some situations can ease up your breathing more and reduce the symptoms.

Off course it can’t replace your medicine, but it will ease your breathing sometimes.

6.You’ll Become A Popular Social Butterfly

If your face is always jeweled up with a smile, you’ll be the most wanted person to hang around. Everybody likes happy  and smiling people.


Because your smile makes you more approachable to be.

You’ll be always surrounded by many who are enjoying your company as much. Laughing with a group of people creates good energy vibes in between so, don’t be the grumpy one.

Laugh as much as you can at every given chance!


7.You’ll Feel Less Physical Pain – The Pain Threshold Went Higher!

Laughing can increase your pain threshold since you are triggering the happy hormone, which makes you feel only pleasure.

It won’t make you dumb – you’ll just feel less pain while being busy laughing!

8.Laughter As The Best Medicine

You know the old saying that laughter is the best medicine?

Well it is true and you know why?

Because it increases level of T-cells and antibodies which are primary line of defense.

So laugh more and say buy-buy to illness!

9.Laugh Enough And Sleep Like A Baby

If you are a type of person who takes all the worries in your bed – there will be no sleeping for you.

You’ll exhaust yourself by turning and tossing all night long solving – nothing. Bad sleeping patterns will make you more irritable and frustrated.

Try to avoid taking any sleeping pills and rather have a good conversation which can trigger laughing, or watch some sitcom and forget about worries for a while.

At least try!

10.Positive Outlook To Life,Things And Problems

There are times when your great sense of humor can make your problems look smaller and trigger your mind to find solutions in a more positive outlook.

It doesn’t mean you should laugh at problems, but only to make an effort in finding the right ways to solve them without any additional stress included.

It can be really powerful tool in resolving conflict situations by reducing tension in between.

Try to use humor to smooth and solve disagreements when they occur. You’ll be surprised how things will shift to more positive outcome.


How To Create Laughing Opportunities

  • Spend time with happy, humorous people
  • Watch sitcoms, funny movies or videos
  • Learn and tell a good joke
  • Read comics
  • Play with your pet
  • Play with children and do silly stuff
  • Make place for more fun activities in life
  • Laugh at yourself when done something foolish
  • Surround with funny and happy quotes
  • Don’t spend a day without even one laugh…

Bottom Line

Don’t take yourself so seriously and let that inner child of yours shine sometimes. It is how you’ll develop more sense of humor within.

We all do stupid and foolish things occasionally and what to say – we are built from imperfections that should be embraced and not embarrassed.

Humor lightens up our lives, releases our burdens, it inspires us, gives us hopes, connects us to others, keeps us focused and grounded, releases us from anger and makes us more forgiving.

It is our God given right by birth and we shouldn’t ever reject it.

Laugh a lot and life will shift to much better one.

You know, the Universe works in it’s peculiar way – you never know when your luck will show up!


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