5 Tips How To Glow On New Year’s Eve In No Time

Glow And Sparkle With Your Presence

As Christmas and New Year’s Eve are approaching, you immediately wonder what to wear and how to make an impressive presence.

At first, you will try looking for something in your wardrobe that can serve the purpose – HOPING that you will fit in.

If you are the lucky one that has taken care of the weight throughout the year, then, you will have no problem to solve.

If not, you are about to face many diets to try, hoping they will work wonders in a short period of time, so you can fit in your favorite dress,or the new one that has catch your eye while window shopping earlier.

Time Before New Year’s Eve

If you want to look beautiful and well nurtured before the New Year’s Party (in office, with family or friends), at first you’ll need to make some lifestyle changes that you have forgotten to do while the year was passing by.

Discard Junk Food

Discard all your treats, candies and chocolates, soft drinks, pizza, burgers,chips and each one of those junk food that is threatening your gorgeous looks.

Eat healthier.

Stick to veggies and fruits so in short terms you will see results. Measure once a week so you can actually see the results that will motivate you further.

More Activity

Become and stay more active.

It will not only improve your well being, but getting those juices flow within your body, will make you look fresher and younger, and in return your skin will glow.

Not to mention the satisfaction of losing weight along the way.

It will add more freshness to your body, but on your face too!



Who can find time for that?


It is frequently underrated these days living in an era of light speed living, you know?

You simply HAVE TO find time to relax in every possible way that exists.

Not only it will calm you down, but it will lower that awful stress level showing on your face.

You’ll feel rebooted and ready to go!

Try meditating, or lying in a bath tub.

Listen to your favorite music, or just be in silence.

Clear your mind from the day and focus on breathing and the warmth of the water you are surrounded by.

Just BE in the moment…FREE!


Drink a lot of water.

It is essential to flush out all toxins that have polluted your body.When you hydrate enough it surely emerges on your skin.

You will find asking yourself: Where have my wrinkles gone?

It is also a good idea to fall in love with your hydrating body lotion again. Not only it will nurture your dry skin, but it will make it look smoother and healthier.

Go natural!

Try the ones that are Paraben Free!

Love Yourself

If you won’t pamper yourself,then…who will?

Give yourself a time just for YOU – despite all family (or other type) obligations!

Having time for you is a good way to thank yourself for being a mom, wife or girlfriend, or somebody’s friend and partner in life.

Making time ONLY for YOU will bring nothing but joy, mental clarity and happiness that you are…A WOMAN!


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