Tips and Tricks How To Find Your Perfect Bra Size

What Is A Perfect Bra Size

This is every woman’s dream – finding the perfect bra size, which most of the time is quite difficult.

No, it’s not funny.

Most often, women do have these problems:

  • wrinkling in the cups
  • underwire poking the sides of your breasts (which is not pleasant at all)
  • a band that rides up
  • cup spillage
  • slipping straps
  • bra that hikes up when you lift your arms

And sometimes these factors may cause these issues:

  • recent weight gain or loss
  • having new exercise regimen
  • pregnancy
  • a change of diet

However, if you suffer from any of these issues listed above, either find a professional bra fitter, or use the measuring tape following these simple steps before choosing your perfect bra size.

Determine The Band Size

No matter wearing a non-padded bra or a bra-less one, always measure around your torso directly under your bust, where a bra band would sit.

The measuring tape should be level and very comfortable.

Round to the nearest whole number.

If the number is seven, add 4 inches (10 cm), and if it’s odd number, add 5 inches (12 cm).

Your band size is the sum of this calculation, so if you measured 32 inches (81 cm), your band size is 36 (92 cm), and if you measured 33 inches(84 cm), your band size is 38 inches(97 cm).

Bust Measurement

Wrap the measuring tape loosely around the fullest part of your chest (usually at nipple level), and round to the nearest whole number.

find the perfect bra



Cup Size Calculation

Subtract your band size from your bust measurement and refer to chart.

Example: 37 inches (bust) – 34 inches (band) = 3 inches. That’s a 34 C.

So how can you tell if a particular style fits?

For this one – try these tips:

  • Bend forward at the waist, then slip on the bra and hook it. This will ensure that your breasts are completely in the cups (and not poking out)
  • Adjust the band. The back of the bra should be level with the front.
  • Make sure the bra is not too loose. You should be able to slide only one finger underneath the band.
  • Fix falling straps. First, tighten the band and then shorten the straps.
  • Put on a close-fitting shirt over the bra. If the cups pucker or your breasts bulge, you’re not wearing the correct size.
  • Look at yourself sideways in a mirror. Your breasts should sit midway between your shoulders and elbows. If not, you need a more supportive and better-fitting bra.
  • If you need to go down a cup size for fit, go up one band size, and vice versa. For example, if a 34 C is too big for you, move to a 36 B.
  • Choose a bra that fits perfectly when secured on the outermost hook. As the bra loosens over time, make the band taut by moving toward the tightest hook.

Mistakes Women Make While Chasing The Perfect Bra Size

It can be quite difficult to find the perfect bra size, and these are the common mistakes women usually make.

Not Investing In A Quality Bra

There is a big difference in how a $10 and a $80 bra will do, even if they don’t look very different on the hanger.

A good quality bra will fit more comfortably, and you will feel it from the minute you put it on. It will provide an all-day support and will hold its appearance over many wearings and washings.

Long Periods Between Bra Fittings

Whenever your body goes through a change (gaining or losing five pounds or more, pregnancy or post-pregnancy, after breast surgeries or menopause), you may need new pair of bras.

All of these issues will affect how your bra fits: is it giving you the support that you need, and how comfortable it is.

Do you know that some companies provide free bra expert fittings?

Try to do bra fitting every 6 months up to a year, so you can know which your “magic” number is.

Wearing The Same Bra All The Time

It is recommended to avoid wearing the same bra 2-3 days in a row.


Because it may can cause a bra’s elastic to deteriorate.

Advice: Have at least 3 bras in your wardrobe: one to wear, one to wash, and one to rest for a day. By rotating your bras in this way- will help them last longer.

Putting Bras in A Dryer

Always read the labels for washing and temperature instructions.

Most bras can be washed in a lingerie bag on your machine’s gentlest cycle.

However, before doing it:

  • close the hooks and eyes on the bra before putting it in the bag
  • zip shut
  • wash in the washer with cool water

Advice:Never put a bra in the dryer because the heat will ruin the stretch.

At the end, hang the bra on a hanger or lay flat to dry sooner.

Incorrect Bra Storage

After your bras are 100% dry, stack them in a row so the cups can fit into each other. Or, you can hang them on hangers in your closet.

This is especially important for bras with a molded foam cup.

Advice: Avoid folding bras in half with one cup inside the other, which could alter their shape.

White Bra Under White Clothes

The key to looking sharp when wearing light summer fabrics is to ensure you’ve chosen the best bra pieces that will vanish underneath your clothes.

This means to match your bra to your skin tone and not your clothing.

Try to choose a neutral shade such as light nude, soft tan, mocha, or black one. Choosing the right color that closely matches your skin tone will disappear under light colors or sheer fabrics.

Not Completing Your Bra Wardrobe

Different cup sizes and outfits need different bras.

If you have a fuller cup size and want the most cup coverage and maximum support every day, choose a full coverage bra.

If you’re wearing a blouse and want to avoid gaps between buttons, go with a minimizer bra. It will reduce the bust from 1 to 3 inches.

And if you are wearing a T-shirt, choose a bra that’s invisible under clothing.

When having an open-neckline tops, balconet bras work well because they offer a lower cut.

And now, when knowing all these things it’s time to go shopping and find the prefect bra size!

Refer to the table below for some size measurements, though some variation from the published measurements is possible.

Band Size Frame size measurement in cm EU (standard EN 13402) USA and UK
XXS 58-62 60 28
XS 63-67 65 30
S 68-72 70 32
M 73-77 75 34
L 78-82 80 36
XL 83-87 85 38
XXL 88-92 90 40
3XL 93-97 95 42
4XL 98-102 100 44
5XL 103-107 105 46

Cup size

The cup size can be calculated using the difference between bust size and frame size. Refer to the table below.

Bust/frame difference in inches US cup size UK/AU cup size
<1 AA AA
1 A A
2 B B
3 C C
4 D D
5 E or DD DD
6 F or DDD E
7 G or DDDD F
8 H FF
9 I G
10 J GG
11 K H
12 L HH
13 M J
14 N JJ


Bust/frame difference in cm Continental Europe cup size
10-11 AA
12-13 A
14-15 B
16-17 C
18-19 D
20-21 E
22-23 F
24-25 G
26-27 H
28-29 I
30-31 J
32-33 K




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