Feng Shui Color Guide To Harmonize Your Life

Color Choices In Feng Shui

Did you know that good color choice plays a big role in our everyday mood and psyche?

Surrounding yourself with the right colors,whether  in your home, office, bedroom or else, can make a huge difference in your mood.

Feng Shui takes the usage of color to the next level, where each color brings the desired Feng Shui energies, to create harmony and balance.

Here is a simple color wheel guide, using five basic colors in order to help you create more inviting and indulging space.


Choosing The Feng Shui Colors To Mix

When redecorating your home, accenting with different colors is a great way to add depth and personality.

That’s why more calming colors work in bedrooms and more vibrant shades work well in higher trafficked rooms like kitchens and dining rooms. The next time you’re deciding, pick colors that complement each other and don’t clash.

Here’s a few suggestions:

Yellow and Red

Adding earth shades like yellows to fire red tones is a good way to calm the intense energies that red gives off.

Best rooms: Living rooms, dens or kitchens.

Green and Blue

Both calming colors with shades of wood and water, these two create a lively space without the energy of fire red. Best rooms: bedroom, baby’s room or bathroom.

Blue and Purple

This combination of earth and water tones brings calmness and relaxation to a room and represents prosperity and wisdom.

Best rooms: parlor or work space.

Feng Shui Outside Your Home

Incorporating Feng Shui into your life doesn’t always mean a major home makeover. You can add Feng Shui colors in a variety of ways, including your office and wardrobe.

What to wear at work

Black, with optional darker shades. Why? While black is the most common go-to color choice for the workplace, there is actually a reason for it.

Black symbolizes career and life path which are positive qualities when in a meeting. If you’re not a fan of all black, pair it with purple shades, which signifies wisdom and abundance.

What to wear during workouts

Fire tones like red, orange and yellow. Why? Vibrant tones give off stimulating energies and keep momentum and inspiration up.

How to decorate your work space

Blue and green earth tones. Why? Strong, calming colors like these manifest feelings of creativity, strength and self-cultivation.

What to wear on a date

Red, white, or pink. Why? Wearing pops of color radiate feelings of marriage, love and integrity in romantic situations.

It is fun to try making some changes and see things happen. Believe and you will receive…they say…


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