Why Empaths Are Emotionally Drained Around Fake People

Empaths are far more sensitive to emotion and behavior than many others. They are natural-born listeners, genuine people, and are often very giving to others.

Tuned to the environment, they can often see straight through fake persons and their behaviors. They thrive on deep, honest relationships with others and they literally can’t stand dealing with pretentious characters.

Why Are Empaths Emotionally Drained Around Fake People

As an empath interacting with someone not honest, you can’t help but see straight through it.It actually triggers a state of discomfort.

Symptoms are both mental and physical, such as tiredness, frustration, clammy hands, or increased heart beat.

What Situations Triggers This

  • Giving compliments to others just to receive their acceptance
  • Stories or truths to gain the approval of others
  • Acting tough to hide true feelings of vulnerability
  • Compromising to gain acceptance from others

Responses And Reactions Of Empaths

  • Avoiding the person due to the bad vibrations are around them
  • Being not dread once you distance yourself from the source
  • Without desire to be around fake person
  • Being physically nauseous after long interactions with fake people
  • Unwillingness to talk any further
  • Wanting to leave the situation as soon as possible


Best Way To Deal With Fake People

It’s an inevitable fact of life that you will have to deal with fake people from time to time. As an empath, simply running away from these situations is not an option.

Instead, you should use these key principles to maintain your common sense and avoid negative reactions when dealing with fake people.

Speak Up For Yourself

We often find ourselves in a conflicting situations.As a sensitive person, how can we speak up if we know it may hurt others?

Well for a start, simply saying NO to a request, doesn’t make you the bad one.

Agreeing against your better judgement only to let them down later is only going to make things worse for both of you!

If it’s good for you, it’s good for others, and vice versa.

Never be afraid to speak up for yourself and say no when needed. Others should control their emotions no matter your response, so it’s not your fault if they are upset.

Follow Your Own Path

Another common mistake is getting carried away with trying to help everyone we can. While it’s great to help others, you must draw a line.

Otherwise, you will be left unfulfilled, empty, and unable to continue helping others.

Instead, you need to be bold and follow your heart.

Don’t let others stand in your way, and remember that you can’t save the whole world. Don’t neglect self-improvement and the importance of following your own path.

You Can Not Please Everyone

Being a pleaser, it can actually be highly destroying for yourself. If you’re always going against yourself to please others, your own needs will get put on hold.

Eventually, you will be left feeling drained, exhausted, and unable to please anyone.

Remember: your needs must be fulfilled before you can tend to others properly.

It is not selfish to put sometimes yourself in the FIRST PLACE!



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