Castor Oil For Cholesterol And Immunity Improvement

About Castor Oil

Castor oil has been used for centuries in traditional folk medicine because of its ability to cure various diseases and its uses are until today.

But it is the oil’s therapeutic abilities that makes it a popular topic for research.

For centuries, at the first sign of illness, many mothers and grandparents would immediately turn to giving their children this oil – either topically or internally, to naturally boost the immune function and speed up the healing process.

What Kind Of Oil Is It

Throughout history, castor oil’s most popular use has been for treating skin infections, lowering constipation and boosting the appearance of hair health, but research has shown that castor oil has even more important applications for supporting the immune system.

It increases the white blood cells produced within the body’s lymphocytes, that help kill viruses, fungi, bacteria and cancer cells.

Its chemical composition is classified as a type of triglyceride fatty acid, containing ricinoleic acid, which can rarely be found as such dense and concentrated source.

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How It Is Produced

It is produced by cold-pressing the seeds and subsequent clarification of the oil by heat.

Castor oil also contains certain beneficial salts that function primarily as skin-conditioning agents, and help stabilize the texture and consistency of products, which is why it is used in so many cosmetic products.

What Are The Benefits

Rinoleic acid as being part of unsaturated fatty acid found in castor oil, has tremendous healing possibilities such as:

  • Increase of blood circulation
  • Supports the lymphatic system
  • Prevents the growth of viruses, bacteria, yeasts and molds
  • Good for skin infections, conditions and wounds
  • Helps in dealing with acne 
  • Kill ringworms, keratoses, skin inflammation and fungal infections
  • Helps the process of hair growth
  • Fights toenail fungus
  • Helps the process of balancing hormones
  • Eases constipation problem
  • Reduces signs of sunburns
  • Induce labor 
  • Heals dry skin
  • Lowers symptoms of arthritis and many more

Great Support For The Body’s Lymphatic System

One of the major reasons castor oil has strong immune-enhancing effects is because it supports the body’s lymphatic system.

The most significant role of the lymphatic system, which is spread throughout the whole body, is that it absorbs and removes excess fluids, proteins and waste materials deep from our cells.

Lymph nodes act like the body’s natural filters for toxins, and they also pump out antibodies when we’re sick to keep foreign proteins or bacteria at bay.

For example, if you’ve ever had an enlarged lymph node in your neck or near your genitals, it is a clear sign that a high level of antibodies are being released in order to fight an infection near that area.

And when the lymphatic system isn’t working properly, this can eventually lead to the failure of many healthy cells and possibly degeneration and destruction of organs.

It is known that poor lymphatic drainage of the heart is linked to tissue damage, which can add to or worsen coronary heart disease.

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Castor Oil For Cholesterol

High cholesterol and elevated levels of triglycerides in your bloodstream, significantly increase your risk for getting heart disease or having a heart attack over time.

A study in 1999 in “Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry” found that castor oil fed to rats significantly lowered their cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Also, as this oil is used as laxative, it helps the liver to function normally, as it cleans out the built up toxins through detoxing the body through the colon.

What Causes Fatty Liver

Experts don’t know exactly why some people accumulate fat in the liver while others do not. However, this disease is linked to:

  • Overweight or obesity
  • Insulin resistance
  • High blood sugar 
  • High levels of fats, especially triglycerides, in the blood

Cleaning out the toxins from the body, helps the process of healing it, as castor oil has this laxative ability

Good For Relieving From Constipation

When you take castor oil laxative, the ricinoleic acid molecules connect with the prostaglandin receptors in the mucous membrane of the intestines, thus increasing digestive activity.

It stimulates the colon walls and helps move fecal matter through the bowel and outside the body, thus alleviating constipation symptoms.

How Much To Consume

Dosage of castor oil taken internally depends on what you’re using it for, along with your age, existing medical conditions and response to laxative-type treatments.

Read carefully the package directions when purchasing a castor oil pack.

Also be careful not to increase your dose above the recommended amount. Start slowly and don’t take it for more than 7 days consecutively unless you’re told to do so by your doctor.

Normally, the dosage set for adults is one teaspoon once a day on an empty stomach.

For children, the common dosage is half teaspoon only.

It is also recommended to take castor oil laxative at the same time every day for effective and fast improvement.

It may take 6 to 12 hours before this medication causes a bowel movement. Tell your doctor if your condition persists or worsens, or if bleeding from the rectum occurs.

If you think you may have a serious medical problem, seek immediate medical attention.

What Are The Side Effects From Castor Oil

When using it, you can easily experience:

  • abdominal pain
  • cramps
  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • weakness
  • irregular heartbeat
  • decreased urination
  • mental/mood changes
  • and vomiting

If any of these effects persist or worsen, tell your doctor immediately and stop using castor oil.


Before taking it, tell your doctor if you have any allergy issues. This product may contain inactive ingredients, which can cause allergic reactions or other problems.

Castor oil should not be used during pregnancy.

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