How To Avoid Routine In Your Life And Get Out Of It

Everyday Living…

I bet you all feel sometimes that your lives are stuck in a routine. Waking up, exercising, showering, getting ready for work, working all day and not to speak about parenting…too many obligations…repeatedly…

Every day seems to be so look alike and you are wondering how to get out of there…that still, comfy zone you have entered called – ROUTINE.

What Defines Routine?

Doing same things every single day in similar manners. Repetition of acts on a regular basis done so often not even thinking of them. Have you asked yourself why do you follow them?

Is it because they are well structured and you have order of doing things without any interruption? Or, you feel comfortable without any distractions coming your way?

How would you feel if someone “push you off the road” and made you think differently? Would you feel frightened and lost that you are not on your routine path anymore?

Well, you shouldn’t. It is a good wake up call to get out from the routine mud and feel more alive and spontaneous than before.

You have to try to make some changes in your conventional way of living, otherwise you’ll “suffocate”.

Routines produce comfortable life where you can predict anything without even thinking about it…pure sign that you act like a robot.

Do you wanna live it like that? I bet you don’t!


Break Up The Pattern

First you need to take a look which daily routines are present in your life if you want to break down the pattern.

Do you:

  • wake up at the same time every morning
  • drink coffee or tea
  • go the same way to work
  • eat at the same time during lunch break


  • wake up earlier and exercise
  • make yourself a nice juice or smoothie
  • watch the sunrise
  • smell the freshness of morning air
  • walk you dog or play with your any other pet you have
  • prepare yourself a healthy meal for lunch
  • drive home using different road to home(if any)

Of course if you have a family, these things will be in totally different manner giving advantage of the children needs, of course…

What I am trying to say is, you can choose how to break up the pattern, making things differently and with the same score.

Mix things a little bit and turn everything “upside down” to break that monotony chains. Motivation will come along naturally…

Believe me… you will feel differently and more vigorous and open to changes. If you have less routines in life you will:

  • give yourself more flexibility
  • significant reduce monotony
  • open new possibilities to adjust activities according to your wishes and moods
  • open path for long forgotten creativity
  • make your life more interesting and spontaneous

Just stop once in a while and reflect your doings. Set your anti-routine days and mix things up and see how it goes. Diversity makes life more interesting, don’t you think so?

What To Change??

Mhm, let’s see.

  • Book a trip and go! Be spontaneous and plan along the way. Although it may seem a bit adventures for your taste, it is how you will break up with your inner thinking routines by not playing “safe” all the time.
  • If you hate the city where you live or your job…you know what  I am gonna say, right? Moving to a new city and finding a new job can “push you over the edge” and kick your but. Big time!
  • If you are an extrovert by nature, I am sure it will not be difficult for you to find some new friends to hang around and share good moments.
  • Change time settings of doing your everyday stuff. For example you can switch your exercising plans between morning and evening.
  • Choose to drive different route towards your work. 
  • Start new eating habits. If you always eat in restaurants, try now making something at home…homemade food always taste better!
  • Put your TV off once in a while and read  a good book
  • Read different webs and newspapers, maybe you’ll learn something new along the way

Do you think it is about time to leave your routines and live more vigorous life? It is all up to you to decide.

Break up the routine pattern and live differently! You’ll get that inner boost you have always needed…


















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