How To Avoid These Container Gardening Mistakes

Container Gardening Mistakes

If you don’t have enough garden space, you can use containers for the matter, but please don’t do following container gardening mistakes.

Container gardening is a great alternative to traditional outdoor gardening for many reasons, and it requires less time and money than the traditional one.

However, filling a planter or other container with amazing plants from the garden center is easy, but maintaining them is the problem.

These are the most common mistakes people do when making a container garden, and you should definitely try to avoid them.

1.Not Removing (or adding) Plants

Don’t become one of those people when creating a container garden are forgetting all about the plants. If needed – add new plants and remove the older and “worn off” ones.

Container gardens are full of separate plants which are easy to pull out. Once the plant is out, put something else in its place.

New plants are always available in garden centers each season, and you can always experiment with something new in your container garden.

If you aren’t sure about the container size or placement, try moving the container around and put different plants in it.

Arrange it with other containers and see what it looks like.

As addition, a small ornament or other non-plant object can give your container more life and artistry in the space.

2. Giving Up

Don’t give up on your container garden too soon.

Even if you don’t love the way it looks – don’t give up so easily.

Give it some time and experiment a little bit.

Eventually, you’ll find the best way to make it work, just be open to experimenting.

3. You’re Not Fertilizing

One of many container gardening mistakes people do is: NOT watering the container garden enough.

The soil still needs more nutrients, and you have to do it on a regular basis because the soil has no other way of renewing itself.

Always make sure the soil has plenty of nutrients , therefore, you need to consistently fertilize.

Another action that will help, is if you change the soil every time you restart your container garden, or if you add a new plant.

4.Not Using Foliage Plants

To make it look more reach, consider adding some foliage plants like: ferns, grasses, or large-leafed plants, if you want to keep your container garden to look healthy.

All those leafy and leaves texture, shape, and color, will make your container look more beautiful than ever.

It will be like paradise for eyes.

container gardening mistakes

5. Neglecting The Container Garden

You should be aware that it will take some time for every plant to grow and fill out the container garden fully.

Also, dressing them up, will make your container garden look finished.

Simply, by putting grit on the top of the soil is a great decision if you want to have more polished and contemporary look.

It will look cleaner, neat, finished, and more professional.

Note that whatever small addition you will make, it will help the container look finished.

Using mulch, pebbles or grit will make such a difference.

You’ll see.

6.Not Watering Enough or Over-watering

Forgetting to water your plants for 2 weeks, and then trying to make up for this neglect with lot of watering can make the roots rot.

This action can kill your plants, especially if your container doesn’t have any drainage holes at the bottom, where excess water comes out.

Using drainage rocks can help drive away any extra moisture, which in return will protect your plants roots from becoming rotten.

You must have a watering routine and do regular fertilization.

It will do wonders for your container garden.

7.Not Having a Good Pot Ratio

When planning your container garden, make sure to consider the proportions of your plants.

A large container stuffed with short plants can look stunted. At least try to have one plant that is as tall as the container, and others that will spill over the sides.

The container will look much better.

8. Poor Choice Of Plants – Weak and Sick Ones

Buying plants at plant nursery is the first step.

You will have a good chance to get plants which are free from disease and pests, and are well cared and nourished. Also, you can often get there perfect information and advice from knowledgeable staff.

If you feel lost in there, ask someone to help you pick out some good plants.

And if you decide you want to buy plants from a big box store, at least try to buy them on-or-close to their delivery date.

You don’t want to have plants that will “die”soon enough.

As you can see, it’s not so hard to make container garden all by yourself, just try to avoid these container gardening mistakes many people do.


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