8 Astonishing Coconut Oil Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know

Guest post by Jane Scott 

Coconut oil benefits are so tremendous that you’ll wanna use it as often as possible. 

The use of coconut oil is frequent: some people use coconut oil for better hair growth, others use it to cook food or add into their smoothies.

Coconut oil comes in a classification of “Super foods” group because of its unique combination of fatty acids that has positive effect on our health.

Do you know that cooking with exotic scented coconut oil has equally appealing health benefits?

Let’s discuss some of them in detail.

Coconut Oil Benefits for Hair Care

Women in the tropical coastal area have the longest and shiniest hair ever.

Do you know the reason behind it?

Yes, you’re correct. The reason is coconut oil.

In tropical regions coconuts are available in abundance, and what can be better than naturally extracted pure coconut oil for hair?

Coconut oil helps to maintain the level of protein in your hair and improving its quality.

In addition to this, coconut oil is antimicrobial oil that also helps to kill fungus and other bacteria that may cause hair issues such as dandruff.

This is the main reason why coconut oil is used in the process of manufacturing different shampoos and hair care products.

Coconut oil is an excellent conditioner and can also help to repair damaged hair, as it is composed of smaller and medium chain fatty acids, that help to penetrate deep into the hair and scalp easily.

By applying coconut oil twice a week, you can ensure that your scalp is free from microbes and your hair will get a brand new life.

Bottom line

Coconut oil is good for:

  • Hair loss
  • Reduce protein loss in hair
  • Has cooling effect on scalp
  • High moisture retaining capacity
  • Hair conditioning
  • Dandruff prevention
  • Styling
  • Lice protection
  • Dry hair treatment
  • Hair toning
  • Split ends
  • Gray hair and baldness

coconut oil benefits

Coconut Oil and Skin Care

Organic coconut oil does not have side effects for any skin type, therefore, it can be used as an excellent massage oil.

Coconut oil not only helps to moisturize dry skin, but it can also help to treat psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections.

Just like shampoo and hair care products, coconut oil is also included in soaps, lotion, and skin care cream.

Applying coconut oil also helps to treat sun burn and to reduce stretch marks.

Coconut Oil Improves Immunity

Coconut oil contains two special elements: lauric acid and capric acid that are a chain of fatty acids which attain anti-viral properties.

Many people have started using coconut oil in their diet and they are able to enjoy its uncountable benefits of improving their immunity.

The lauric acid in the coconut when eaten, is combined with the enzymes and is converted into monolaurin – which attains anti-viral properties.

The monolaurin helps the body to fight against the variety of pathogens and viruses.

Coconut Oil and Digestive System

Among many coconut oil benefits is also improvement of your digestive system. Coconut oil prevents digestive issues such as irritable bowel syndrome.

In addition to this, coconut oil helps in digesting fat-soluble vitamins.

The antimicrobial property of coconut oil helps to fights against the microbes that cause indigestion problems and keeps your gut flora-healthy.

Coconut oil also kills bacteria such as candida, that is one of the reasons for decreased stomach acids and leads to poor digestion.

coconut oil benefits

Coconut Oil and Weight loss

Being overweight is one of the most common health issues these days, but making small changes in your diet and daily routine can help you to lose weight quite easily.

Taking coconut oil is one of these changes.

You may wonder how consuming fat can help you lose weight?

It’s pretty simple, and this is the part where the difference of opinion and behavior lies.

Taking coconut oil does not mean adding coconut oil as an extra ingredient into your daily nutrition.

However, it means replacing your regular cooking oil with coconut oil ,which means replacing bad fat with good fat.

Coconut oil contains saturated fat which is beneficial for losing weight. It improves your metabolism that has energy-creating abilities.

You can also experience balanced blood sugar level as coconut oil keeps you feel fuller for a long time and reduces appetite naturally.

It contains a unique combination of fatty acids with powerful effects on metabolism.

Several studies show that just by adding coconut oil to your diet you can lose fat, especially the “dangerous” fat in the abdominal cavity.

Coconut Oil Lifts HDL Cholesterol

High-density lipoprotein cholesterol is responsible to transmit fat lipids to the liver so they can be eliminated by bile.

Coconut oil increases High-density lipoprotein cholesterol, which is good cholesterol and improves heart health as it fights against low-density lipoproteins (LDL) – bad cholesterol – which builds up in your arteries causing cardiovascular diseases.

Coconut oil’s special HDL-boosting effect may make it “less bad” than the high saturated fat content would indicate, but, it’s still probably not the best choice among the many available oils to reduce the risk of heart disease.

The best choice is to use it sparingly.

Coconut oil and Alzheimer Disease

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) in coconut oil is the unique chain of fatty acids which is unseen in other sources of saturated fats.

Digested MCT helps the liver to create ketones which are required by the brain. Alzheimer is a health condition when the brain stops producing insulin that is required by brain cells for energy.

Therefore, it is necessary to increase the number of ketones in the body so that the brain will function properly.

Coconut oil is a good source to increase number of ketones in your body, and help the brain to repair its function.

In addition to this, digesting coconut oil can also improve recalling ability of brain as the cells get stronger.

However, the effect of coconut oil on Alzheimer’s disease is unclear and more research is required before drawing any firm conclusions.

coconut oil benefits

Improves Type II Diabetes

Coconut oil benefits can also be seen in additional treatment for Diabetes type 2, which is a health condition where your body stop accepting insulin.

Coconut oil promotes healthy digestion and balances the production of insulin. Taking coconut oil relaxes pancreas that reduces the chances of insulin resistance.

Coconut Oil Benefits As Anti-Aging Treatment

One of the coconut oil benefits for skin is that it slows down the aging process. 

Wrinkles are generally associated with aging, however, wrinkles may be the result of weight loss or environmental factors like the sun.

Aside from facial creams, Botox and face lifts, there are also natural ways to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, such as coconut oil.

Coconut oil offers a variety of health benefits including skin and hair care, dental care, metabolism and weight loss.

Always speak with your physician or dermatologist prior to self-treating any health or skin condition.


As you can see, coconut oil benefits are so many, and it’s up to you whether you will decide to use it or not.

However, if you want to use it as addition to your diet or medical supplement, talk to your nutritionist or your doctor first.


Author Bio

Jane Scott is currently working as a nutritionist at a renowned firm. With an experience of more than a decade, she is considered as a go-to person in her field of work. She also writes blogs for her website Home Remedies for Life.


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