10 Ways How To Remove Mascara Successfully

No makeup cleaning is finished 100% until you do your eyelashes, but when it comes to remove mascara successfully, many do it quite wrong.

You may ask yourself how are you doing it wrong, as it is so simple procedure.

Well, this is how and yes – it is really simple if you do it the right way.

How To Remove Mascara Successfully

Most women find the process of removing mascara incredibly annoying.

You maybe rubbing, wiping, and do everything possible you can, but the mascara just won’t come off, and this is the main reason many women just leave it on and decide to sleep with it.

What ingredients does mascara have?

Mascara is an emulsion of water, pigments, oils, and waxes, so can be really tough to take it off, and women usually struggle with it.

Girls, don’t worry, there’s still hope to remove mascara successfully without getting any red eyes.

By choosing the right cleansers and using the right techniques, you’ll have a 100 % success with mascara removal.

This is a simple e-manual of all Do’s and Don’ts in removing mascara successfully.

remove mascara successfully

Do’s and Don’ts When Removing Mascara

1.Always Use 100% Cotton Pad

Use the one that is lint-free and resistant to shredding

Don’t Use Cotton Balls

Using a cotton ball is not such a good idea, as loose fibers may get into your eyes eventually. This can be really unpleasant if you haven’t taken off your contact lenses.

You may end up with having red eyes.

2.Choose Bi-component Eye Make Up Remover

These formulas are made of two parts: a cleansing oil to remove mascara, and other makeup and water to cleanse the skin after the mascara has been removed.

They’re great because they take off all types of mascara, even waterproof ones.

Using micellar water can also do the work.

Wondering what is that?

According to Huffington Post, micellar water is made up of micelles tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules, that are suspended in soft water.

What’s the idea behind this?

The idea is that micelles are attracted to dirt and oil, so they are able to draw out impurities without drying out the skin.

Therefore, micellar water can be used as a facial wash, makeup remover and moisturizer all in one. 

remove mascara successfully

Don’t Use Alcohol


Because it can strip the oils out, dry out the skin on the delicate, moisture-challenged eyelids, leading to irritation effects.

How it will damage your skin?

According to Paula Begoun, if your skin is oily, it can be tempting to use alcohol-based products because they provide an immediate matte finish, essentially de-greasing the “oil slick.

The irony of using alcohol-based products to control oily skin is that the damage from alcohol can lead to an increase in bumps and enlarged pores.

Alcohol can actually increase oiliness, so the immediate de-greasing effect is eventually counteracted, prompting your oily skin to look even more shiny.

3.Use Makeup Pad Soaked In A Makeup Remover

When you do this, press against your eyes for approx. 30 sec. 


Because time is needed for the solvents to dissolve the polymers and pigments and break down the mascara.

This is the key in avoiding aggressive rubbing and pulling on your lashes later on.

Don’t Rush When Doing It

It is necessary not to rush during this process.


Because the more time you allow the mascara to dissolve, the easier it will be to remove mascara successfully.

remove mascara successfully

4.Wipe In Eyelash Direction

When removing makeup, do it by wiping in the direction of the lashes. Start from the inside out.


Because you need to minimize the chances of mascara and bacteria getting into the eyes.

What to do?

Gently grab the lashes with the cotton pad, and then roll the cotton pad between your fingers gently so you can minimize rubbing.

Don’t Wipe With Horizontal or Circular Movements


Because by doing so, you’ll just move the mascara around with this type of wiping, and enhance the chances of red eye finish.

And of course, not to mention the burning sensations in your eyes.

5.Be Gentle


Because the skin on your eyelids is highly sensitive and the most thinnest on the body.

Don’t Rub Too Hard

If you put too much pressure on your eyes, you can break blood vessels easily around the delicate eyelid area, and you’ll only create a bigger problem.

Rubbing too hard may result with a low-grade inflammation causing skin irritation, damaged collagen, and promote premature aging of the eyelid skin.

remove mascara successfully

6.Always Keep Your Eyes Closed When Cleaning Them

Why ?

Because some mascara and makeup removers have ingredients which can cause severe irritation if they get into the eyes, and it can take more than 24 hours before that irritation is resolved.

You really wouldn’t like that to happen!

Don’t Avoid Finishing With Gentle Foaming Cleanser

If you use a basic oil-based makeup remover, you’ll want to get rid of any oily residue on the skin around your eyes, as it can easily get into your eyes and cause irritation.

7. Always Use A Makeup Wipe

It is recommended to use a gentle wipe to remove the very last traces of mascara after you’ve used a cotton pad. 

Don’t Use It For Heavy Makeup

Don’t skip tall the above mentioned steps when removing mascara.

You’ll just end up rubbing too much and unnecessarily irritate the skin.

makeup wipe

8.Use An Eye Cream When You Remove Mascara Successfully

What for?

Eye makeup may be irritating to some, and trying to remove it even with the best makeup remover, can easily break down the skin’s protective barrier.

The skin after removing mascara could lead to dryness and irritation, so it is recommended to apply a thin layer of cream on the upper lid and under the eyes at night.

Using an eye cream containing retinol for the under eye area, will promote new collagen production and help prevent premature fine lines and dark circles under the eyes, which no women wants in their lives.

eye cream after mascara removal

9.Use Makeup Remover Made Only For The Eye Area

Eye makeup remover is specifically made to dissolve makeup, and is created with ingredients which are gentle on the eye area.

Don’t Use Regular Cleaners


Because regular cleansers may contain skin irritants such as fragrance, and may contain many other ingredients that will give you the “pleasure” of experiencing red eyes.

An eye makeup remover is not a replacement for your cleanser.

It’s important to wash your face after taking off mascara with a gentle cleanser to clean your pores and remove pollutants residue.

10.Eyelash Loss

If you are experiencing eyelash loss, it is necessary to tell your doctor about this condition.

What For?

It could be the result of heavy rubbing, but it could also be a sign of an autoimmune disease like alopecia.

10.Don’t Pull The Mascara Off With Your Fingers


Because you’ll just lose lashes.

The art of cleaning makeup is – how to remove mascara successfully without losing any eyelashes.

Note that eyelash regrowth can take up to a year, so you better apply all advises mentioned above.


Well, we hope we gave you all the best Do’s and Don’ts on how to remove mascara successfully and we hope you can learn quite a bit.

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